Modernization and manufacturing of new pumping equipment

One of the areas of work of “TRIZ” is the modernization of pumping equipment on its own technology. The goal of modernization is to increase the efficiency and reliability of the pumps.
The cost-effectiveness and reliability of pumping equipment is characterized both by the flow-through part and the shaft sealing systems, the vibration condition of the rotor, and the bearing units. Each modernization is preceded by a detailed analysis of the operation of the base pump and the reasons for its failure.


Special purpose pumps

Often the operating conditions dictate the use of the unit, the design of which is fundamentally different from the standard. In this case, the development and supply of a special-purpose pump gives a greater effect and pays off faster than modernization. When developing special-purpose pumps, specific operating conditions are taken into account as much as possible.

Sectioned, multi-stage pump
Covered area Installation place
Up to 60 Temperature, 0С
30…60 Productivity, m3/h
400…650 Head, m
Working wheel – single-flow, closed type

So, an alternative to hermetic submersible pumps can be a pipe-in-pipe type pumps. Depending on the aggressiveness of the pumped liquid and its temperature, pumps of the “pipe in pipe” type can be performed: without a seal, with a mechanical stuffing seal or with a pulse mechanical seal.


Pipe-in-pipe type pump
Water, steam condensate, KAS acid condensate, CO2 effluent, oils,etc Pumped meduim
Oprn air – indoor Installation place
up to 100 Temperature, 0С
4 … 600 Productivity, m3/h
200 … 400 Head, m
Single-stage – multistage; impeller – single flow, open half open and closed type. Construction

Considering the individual machines, it should be noted that centrifugal pumps are characterized by high energy intensity of the working process (consume about 20-30% of the total energy produced), therefore, high demands are made on their efficiency. Increased efficiency affects not only the economy, but also the weight and dimensions. All the main properties of centrifugal pumps are associated with the shape and size of the flow part (FP).
Impellers of welded construction, manufactured according to the technology of manufacturing of impellers of welded type for centrifugal compressors.
For each unit, an individual technical solution is selected, based on an analysis of the results of the survey in operating and transient modes, an assessment of the technical condition, operating conditions, and modernization experience of similar units