A comprehensive upgrade is performed by replacing the replaceable flow path (inner case and rotor) and is used to match the operating characteristics of the compressor with the operating conditions when they change, for example:

• linear compressor stations of main gas pipelines in order to optimize operating modes
• booster compressor stations to ensure stable gas production under conditions of intense pressure drop in the final stages of field development
• oil fields in gas-lift oil production
• at underground gas storage stations for the rational use of equipment in the face of changing gas injection pumping modes
• chemical industry enterprises (ammonia, carbamide production, urea production, etc.)
• refineries

Modernization is also the optimal solution in the following cases:

• replacement of morally obsolete nodes with a low resource of work with modern design nodes in order to increase the reliability of the unit
• matching compressor performance with actual or desired performance
• reconstruction of damaged compressors
• increase the dynamic stability of the rotor
• prevention of axial rotor shift
• extension of service life
• elimination of other frequently repeated problems in the operation of the units

TRIZ performs a full cycle of modernization work, including a comprehensive inspection of the unit under operating conditions, the development and approval of technical specifications, gas-dynamic and strength calculations, design, manufacture, installation, testing of an upgraded unit under operating conditions.


• high reliability of centrifugal compressors;
• efficiency is 2 … 4% higher compared to competing solutions due to the use of reliability nodes;
• low vibration;
• stability of characteristics during the period between repairs;
• long operational resource;
• technical solutions of TRIZ have been repeatedly tested, are used in non-redundant compressor units with a turnaround time of at least three years.


At low initial costs, compared with replacing a compressor, upgrading using TRIZ technical solutions provides high reliability and efficiency of the unit, a turnaround time of at least two years of continuous operation, extended service life and reduced operating costs.