Applying experience in combination with modern design methods and advanced production technologies, we strive to provide the optimum efficiency, excellent vibration characteristics and the minimum noise level of the gear transmission of the multiplier.

Calculations of gearing, bearings, natural frequency and shaft dynamics are made using the most modern computer technology and technical tools. Calculation of gearing is carried out in accordance with the standards: ISO 6336, DIN 3990, AGMA 2001, API 613 (high-speed gearboxes).

High-precision manufacturing and strict quality control are complemented by a systematic analysis of the dynamic state of the products, resulting in improved gear design.
Our services for the repair of industrial gears are based on many years of experience with high-precision components that are of great importance for the technological process in many industries.
It is also possible to maintain equipment at the site of operation: from inspection and assessment of compliance with existing conditions to repair and condition monitoring in order to reduce downtime.
The experience of a team of service technicians in maintenance and repair, together with the use of highly productive technologies, allows us to ensure minimal installation, commissioning and commissioning of your equipment.