Floating end seals

TRIZ® floating seals (PU) are used to seal compressor rotors. Satisfy the requirements of the API 617 standard (Certificate No. ODC1820-0749 / 1)


• high sealing ability;
• high bearing and damping capacity;
• reversible with non-reversible properties;
• long overhaul life;
• low wear, stability of gaps;
• do not require replacement of the oil system, using the standard one.

Design features

TRIZ * PU contain six reversible pads with non-reversible properties, an additional damper and an elastic ring of stiffness, with which carrying capacity (up to 40%) and stiffness (up to 20%) in a wide range can be changed.
The damping pads installed in the outer floating ring ensure its safe hold and effectively dampening of the oscillations of the rotor. In the process of damping the rotor vibration, three oil films with feedback are involved: between the shaft and the pad; between the block and the outer floating ring; oil film of the damping cavity of the outer floating ring. The principle of operation of the elastic ring stiffness based on the fact that it alternately contacts its inner and outer surface with the tabs on the floating ring and on the seal housing. The cross section of the elastic ring, the dimensions and the number of protrusions is chosen in such a way that when the load on the floating seal ring exceeds the force of its pressing against the body, the elastic ring bends within the gap between the floating ring and the seal body. In this case, from the side of the elastic ring, a reaction force arises, which acts on the floating ring and is directed opposite to its displacement. This creates additional rigidity of the seal assembly.