Elastic Coupling گشتاور،را،ازبخش Derive به Performer باکمترین هدررفت نیرو، منتقل می‌کند.

از سال ۱۹۹۲ کوپلینگ با بسته های غشایی فلزی (MSC) طراحی شده توسط TRIZ برای انتقال گشتاور در Position های مختلف کمپرسور و پمپ استفاده میشود.

انواع کوپلینگ ها بشرح ذیل می‌باشند.

1- A series of highly effective elastic couplings for the oil and gas, chemical industries. Allows you to transmit torque at critical loads while maintaining high compensation ability. Conforms to requirements of the API 610 standard (API 671). Application: Technological pumps, compressors, powerful turbines, generator sets, HPA.

2- A series of power elastic couplings for the transmission of large torques from 50,000 N∙m, most often, have large dimensions, therefore the use of all-metal elastic elements is not economically feasible. To reduce the cost of the coupling and to maintain high compensation properties, TRIZ has developed couplings with link elastic elements. It is noteworthy that, if it is necessary to replace the elastic link, it is only necessary to disassemble the bolted joint.

3- A series of elastic couplings for pumping units is an economical solution that meets high requirements. Durable and reliable couplings for pumping units. Possessing high compensation characteristics of elastic couplings, they are structurally simple and have a minimum metal content that allows achieving a low price.