The advanced development of TRIZ Ltd in the area of energy saving technologies is the energy utilization of reducible gas and steam in refinery process units with the vortex turbines.

Vortex turbine drives and gears, steam and gas turbines with the power of 50-1500 KW with the energy recovery of natural gas for gas distribution substation GDS or steam in purge lines may be installed instead of traditional gears or in a parallel position. Utilized energy may be used for the drives of electro-generators, pumps and other industrial equipment. Vortex turbine drives do not require considerable initial investment and it will be restored soon, especially if using energy of choked streams for electric energy generation with turbine generators.

The turbine is installed in parallel position or instead of choke streams of gas or steam, in other words gas pressure drop occurs in case of turbine expansion up to set up the technological parameters with power acquisition at the turbine shaft


• simple, robust design, without composite graded blade elements of gas path;
• stability of output characteristics in a wide range of pressure, temperature and load;
• high reliability of operation on the dirty and wet working substance, especially at low consumption and temperatures;
• small weight-size parameters;
• maximum efficiency at relatively low rotation speed and velocity, providing gear exclusion;
• no stationary oil system (flooded lubrication);
• payback period is 1,5-2,5 years depending on the turbine power