Damping Journal Bearings

TRIZ is the only authorized manufacturer of damper journal bearings protected by a number of patents. Since 1990, damping bearings have been successfully used in the most demanding compressors, turbines, HPA, pumps, multipliers with high reliability requirements. The bearings satisfy the requirements of the API 617 standard. (Certificate number ODC1820-0749 / 1). The durability of the bearings is increased due to the optimal organization of the supply of lubricant and the presence of conductive scrapers, which prevent electrical erosion, and a special technology of applying a babbit layer.

High damping properties due to the radial movement of thin light pads in the oil layer, due to the hydrostatic force arising on the outside of the pads when moving the shaft.

The existing range of bearings covers the range of shaft diameters from 40 mm to 500 mm with a rotor speed from 1,500 rpm to 40,000 rpm. In coordination with the customer, it is possible to design and manufacture a bearing that differs from the existing series for given geometrical parameters, bearing capacity and rotor speed.


• high damping ability, reducing the level of vibration by 1.5–3 times (6–10 times in starting and non-stationary modes);
• high bearing capacity;
• reduction of shaft precession and absence of wear of the radial surfaces of the seals, due to the absence of “rotor-housing” contact;
• stabilization of the rotor dynamics, reducing the consequences of emergency situations;
• stability of gaps (there is no rotor drawdown);
• built-in protector from electro-erosion destruction;
• do not require replacement of the oil system, using the standard one;
• long overhaul life;
• increase in overhaul up to 6 years;
• compactness, high maintainability.

Design features

PD TRIZ – three-block with self-aligning pads on self-generated hydrostatic suspension with individual supply and removal of lubricating oil. Scrapers of conductive material are installed between the pads, which remove the hot layer of oil from the shaft neck, as well as static electricity, preventing electro-erosion of the pads and the rotor. The electric-spark method of depositing copper on the pads before pouring with babbit increases by 30% the strength characteristics of the connection between the antifriction layer and the substrate, which determine the ultimate load capacity.

Reversible damping journal bearing

TRIZ is a developer of reversible bearings with non-reversible properties, which allow to maintain the characteristic and high bearing capacity of non-reversible bearings, regardless of the direction of rotation of the rotor. Reversibility of the bearing operation is provided by changing the oil pressure in the pockets, depending on the direction of rotation of the rotor

As an example, according to the customer’s specifications, to ensure the reverse rotation of the synthesis gas compressor in 2005. A reversible bearing with irreversible properties – PD TRIZ REVERSE® was developed and put into operation.

Delivery terms:

PD are delivered under the order for the set installation dimensions and operating conditions in a short time. To order, the questionnaire must be filled out.
Warranty period – from 24 months.